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Vechornyci: Ukrainian party

Join the celebration of spring in the best Ukrainian tradition. Experience traditional spirit and deep dive into the spring atmosphere. This time the Netherlands flagship club Paard van Troje opens their doors to add a spark and charm to our celebration in. We haven’t forgotten about the true meaning of Vechornyci associated with finding a couple. Single guys and girls will have a small log chained to their hand – fun way to find a date!

We have a special guest from Kyiv – DJ Gabber, who will create a magical atmosphere for us.

The first drink is on us. So arrive earlier to take the advantage of our hospitality;) The action is valid only until 20:30!
Entrance fee: Online – 15 euros; at the door – 20 euros
We have a special offer for large groups: every 4th ticket is for free.
Tickets can be purchased at:
Organized by Brand New Ukraine. All rights reserved.

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