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Art, Culture and Revolution: Euromaidan

It is November 2013. Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets of Kiev – with Euromaidan as a meeting point – to demonstrate against President Yanukovych. They blame him for not signing the Association Agreement with the EU. The police uses brutal force against the demonstrators, which only stirs up the protest. Barricades, watchtowers and encampments appear. Demonstrators refuse to leave Euromaidan as long as the president remains in power. It is a time full of violence, hope, fear, yet also one of creativity.

A year later, we look back at this historical period, focusing on the role of artists on the frontline. How do troubled times influence the creativity of people? What role can art play during a revolution? And what was the impact of the revolution on Ukrainian artists? We do this through the stories and work of two Ukrainian artists/demonstrators.

About the speakers
Volodymyr Kharchenko (photographer, writer and musician), Vladyslav Shereshevsky (painter, with work in national museums in Ukraine, and in Munich’s Municipal Gallery) and Floris Akkerman (correspondent former Soviet-Union). Through skype we have a conversation with film director Dmytro Tiazhlov (Kyiv National University of Theatrical art, Cinema and TV) and we will show his short documentary “Love Share.”

Tickets te koop: : https:\/\/www.humanityhouse.org/en/event/art-culture-revolution-euromaidan/

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