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Interesting article about the nature of humanitarian supplies to Ukraine and its distribution by region


During the six months  33 countries provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

During 2013 most of all humanitarian aid to Ukraine came from Germany, Poland , The Netherlands , Switzerland, the United States and other countries as humanitarian assistance came from Austria , Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria , Great Britain, Greece, Denmark , Israel, India , Ireland, Iceland, Ireland , Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein , Luxembourg, Malaysia, Norway , UAE, Russia , Turkey, Hungary , Finland, France, Czech Republic , Sweden and Japan, to the Ministry of social Policy of Ukraine , reports Tizhden.ua .

During this time, received one thousand 496 applications intention to foreign countries to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine . 491 However, the application was returned for revision.

As of July 30, 2013 the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine recognized the 798 applications, according to which humanitarian assistance can be transferred to the Ukraine (already passed ) .

Appropriate orders were signed on the transfer of goods to Ukraine (577 applications), means ( 11 applications ) , cars ( 203 applications) and services ( 7 bids) .

Most of all humanitarian aid arrived in Kiev ( 100 ) , Lviv (59), Rivne (54), Volyn (49) and the Carpathian region ( 45).

Less – in Nikolaev (2 ) , Chernivtsi (2 ) , Kherson (3 ) of the region .

Analysis of the relevant orders shows that the most humanitarian aid arrived in hospitals, children’s and religious organizations. However, foreigners have supported and some municipal and district authorities, sports organizations, and organizations of veterans, ” Chernobyl “, etc.

Among humanitarian cargoes during this time was dominated by medical equipment, clothing and footwear, furniture and household items were among the humanitarian aid (even icons).

Earlier it was reported that in March, some 500 consignments delivered to Ukraine as humanitarian aid, were detained at customs. It happened because of the elimination of inter-agency body that is assigned the status of humanitarian goods.

Bron : public media Ukraine / reports Tizhden.ua

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