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Large database of cartoons in Ukrainian

Ternopil Charitable Foundation “MagneticOne.org” under the project “Education of the XXI Century Child” (“Освіта дитини XXI століття”) has created on youtube channel a large database of cartoons in Ukrainian:


Aim of this project:
to make the best Ukrainian tales accessible to children and their parents.
On the website you can find not only traditional Ukrainian videos, but also their foreign translations and audio books.

With these cartoons parents and teachers will be able to:

• educate patriotism, respect for others, tolerance, ability to make friends, to achieve their goals, work on yourself and your deeds;
• teach children the foundations of mathematics, natural skills, the basics of grammar, familiarization with the content of Ukrainian and foreign fairy tales;
• develop: communication skills, a desire to improve themselfs, curiosity, singing skills.

All the material is easily accessible and free.

Project Coordinator:
Natalia Hayduk, e-mail: natalia.hajduk7@gmail.com

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