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“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. Exhibition” has become one of the largest exhibition projects in Ukraine. It was first successfully demonstrated in Kyiv Art Arsenal. Since June 26 till July 17 the Shadows have occupied Lviv Palace of Arts.
The exhibition is full of facts and artifacts from the past and the present of Parajanov cult film, it examines the personal stories of film authors and the collective voice of the Hutsul culture. Myths of the “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” world transfer us to the special atmosphere of real Hutsuliya, its intimacy and mysticism.

In the exhibition hall the guests are welcomed by the transported from Kyiv installation – a dismantled Hutsul hut, turned into a huge bonfire. That is what especially sets the tone to what you will see next. Two floors of the palace were filled with croppings, information, photos, videos, elements of the Hutsul life and new forms of discourse about “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” by contemporary artists. A special part of the exhibition is its testing component – here the film world and the events are decorated in the form of quotes and explanations, that took place or still occur around it. In the hall of the Palace the reason of the exhibition creation – Parajanov’s film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” is shown non-stop. The only exception are some lectures and meetings that will take place here during the exhibition.

The special part of the exhibition is the performance “Betlehem” of now Lviv artist Andriy Khira – the day before the opening, the “shadows” walked the streets of the city in masks and costumes created by him. “The stylized Carpathian vertep becomes as modern as possible. The visual images and sound rhythms are combined into one and form a conspicuous show” – it explains the essence of the performance. Andrew is also the author of the visual style of the exhibition, here one can also see a part of his project “Zabobony (Superstitions)”, which he created together with his wife.
The organizers paid a special attention to the musical component of the event – the author’s music of Serhiy Luniov accompanies the guests throughout the exposure viewing. Incidentally, the author of the original music from the film– Mуroslav Skorуk also came to the exhibition opening in Lviv.
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