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Simplification of procedures of humanitarian aid – briefing of Minister of Social Policies

On the invitation of Minister for Social Policy, Mrs Liudmyla Denisova, Ambassador participated in the briefing about new developments in the field of delivery of humanitarian aid.
1. First of all, Minister announced about the simplification of the procedures of humanitarian aid registration and tax exemption:
– From now on the registration (attaching the status of humanitarian cargo) should be done by the Ministry within 8 days term. In case the humanitarian cargo is designated for ATO or IDPs – the term is shortened to 1 day (under condition all necessary papers are available and there is consent of all parties involved). The set of necessary documents is available at the web-site of the Ministry in Ukrainian (https:\/\/www.mlsp.gov.ua/labour/control/uk/publish/article?art_id=153019&cat_id=147818 ) and includes application for humanitarian cargo status (HCS), certificates of goods, plan of distribution). In one day the ministry has to assign the Humanitarian Cargo Status and to forward the documentation to the Customs Administration.
– There is also simplification of customs clearance procedures for Red Cross, NATO, WHO and UN. Commodities having the HCS are exempt from tax.
– Herewith the Minister emphasized that her Ministry has prepared a draft resolution, which still needs Government approval though, for further simplification the procedures. It refers to authorizing local authorities to issue a HCS for humanitarian cargo less than 3 tons of weight.
Minister has also emphasized that according to the new law charity donations are exempt from tax. Donors are invited to deposit cash donations in UKREXIMBANK. Local authorities from area where IDPs temporary reside will be able to request funds from this pool. A relevant resolution of the Government will soon be signed.
2. Minister Denisova touched the issue of IDPs registration and cash distribution to them. Since the government announced about provision of cash money to IDPs, within 2 days the number of earlier registered 360,000 IDPs reached 402,000 person. Each IDP is entitled to UAH 442 (employable age) or UAH 884 (unemployable age), but not more than UAH 2400 per family. IDPs are also eligible for subsidies to compensate utilities payments. This means, that in the average, government needs to pay out UAH 240 mln monthly. The number of registered IDPs can grow further.
Minister also mentioned the following figures: out of 402,000 IDPs half is of employable age, but only 14,000 IDPS are currently looking for job.
Concerning the confusion about the distribution of powers and coordination between the Ministry of Social Policy (Denisova) and the Ministry of Regional Development (Groisman), when if refers to humanitarian needs, the explanation is the following. The Ministry of Social policy is responsible for social issues of IDPs and socially vulnerable residents in all areas. Ministry of Regional Development is responsible for the Restoration of Donbass program. The social/humanitarian needs of Donbass social institutions (calculated by the Ministry of Social Policy) are reflected in the general sheets of the Ministry of Regional Development.
As the result of the meeting a new working group with representatives of Ministry of Social Policy will be established, where all donor agencies are invited to take part.

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