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Top Top 5 myths about the flu

SPECIAL due the Flu in Ukraine:
January 22nd 2016.

Standing in line at the pharmacy. Female 30 years oksolinovuyu buys ointment – 2 package, mask – 15 pieces, soluble powder – 10 bags, spray for the throat and nose drops. The pharmacist asks that she has symptoms. The woman replied that her symptoms is not. She buys just in case, to protect themselves from influenza. “Set alarmist” deserved it 500 hryvnia.

Myth №1 – are drugs that warn of influenza
No vitamins or so-called antiviral drugs against influenza do not save. If you met the virus is sick only if it is moved once already this flu virus in the blood has antibodies to it. If antibodies are not present – you get sick. The whole bunch of so-called antiviral drugs does not protect against influenza virus and does not destroy his patients – at best relieves symptoms.

Immediately destroy the flu virus can only prekparaty two – “Tamiflu” and “Relenza”. These drugs are sold in Ukrainian pharmacies. Cost from 700 to 1,400 USD, depending on the dosage. With online pharmacies are brought without a prescription. But in Europe, these drugs are not sold over the counter – anywhere! This medication, which in any case can not prescribe itself. The drug has serious side effects and can cause a serious blow to the liver, if properly calculate the dose relative to body weight.

Myth №2 – flu is treated with antibiotics
The flu is not treated with antibiotics! Viruses are by nature not susceptible to antibiotics. Antibiotics affect only the bacterial infections, which the flu does not apply. And antibiotics during the flu can also cause complications.

Myth №3 – flu can be carried on the feet
My valiant friends that dive into the hole on the Epiphany, and onion crunching as apple, convince me that no flu will not take them, and if prychepytsya, they are his “occurring on their feet” and not even notice. Why does the flu need bed rest? For if a man is, the resources of the body to combat the virus. 3-4 days in quiet mode allows the body to mobilize protective processes, and the person recovers quickly. When the patient flu or SARS goes to work, weakened body gives all the power to move, mental activity, so the viral infection progresses, the worse. This in turn leads to serious complications, including pneumonia (group of diseases manifested by inflammation in the lungs). It pneumonia was the cause of the vast majority of deaths from influenza in Ukraine this year.

Myth №4 – mask protects against flu
The mask does not protect against the flu! Viruses are tiny – they quietly penetrate the fibers. Mask holds only a drop of mucus that contains viruses. Therefore, it must wear precisely sick man. When you cough, sneeze of an infected mucus delayed and not covered. A healthy person does not make sense to wear a mask. Especially on the street – instead better breathe fresh air.

Myth 5 – simple measures are not effective against influenza
I do not know why, but Ukrainian least believe and use simple and cheapest means of prevention of influenza and SARS. Physicians are tired of talking about elementary things that save lives. Only during normal ventilation in the room dies 50% of viruses. Wet cleaning and air humidifiers also effective because these viruses do not like moist environment. But thrive in dry, warm and still air.
The virus often carried in her arms. You shook his hand or someone took the door handle, which touched a sick man, then, without washing your hands, touched his mouth, nose, eyes – and the virus immediately transplanted to mucous membranes and enters the body. Therefore, in the “influenza” period should wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.
If you can not wash under running water – treat wipes or sprays. The source of the virus – a man. Therefore, limit contacts – more than effective. Once again you do not go to the movies, temporarily postpone visiting group, school, kindergarten children walk on foot stopping instead of crowded transport – it’s all simple things that protect from infection. Now is the time for a walk in the fresh air – the chances of catching the flu on the street, especially in freezing weather, zero.

January 22, 2016 admin Flu
with many thanks to Source: tsn.ua

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