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Lamb Dushenina

Type: Mains Servings: 6 people Ready in: >3 hours Calories: Middle The Lamb Dushenina is an age-old national Ukrainian dish, that as a matter of fact is meat braised with vegetables, however the vegetables are the subject to every meal and their selection depends on your taste and preferences. The dish is cooked either in a deep casserole over stove, ...

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Hutsul Poricini with Sourcream

Type: Mains Servings: 4 people Ready in: 45 min. Calories: Middle The porcini (wild mushrooms) are widespread and commonly appraised in the Carpathian Mountains because of its inimitable fragrance and exquisite flavor. That is why the majority of Hutul dishes are made with porcini. Ingredients: Cep (wild mushrooms) 700 g Sour Cream 200 g Parsley 1 bunch Onions 2 pieces ...

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